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Day in and day out we hear a great deal about the importance of employee engagement. At its essence it means a workplace designed to make sure employees are motivated to contribute to an organization's success and committed to its goals and values. An engaged workforce brings tremendous benefits to an organization through improved attitude, loyalty, pride and innovation. To see these benefits, business managers need to focus on understanding and nurturing employee engagement.

It is all about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential. You can't succeed without your employees. Get them engaged and Boost your CX success.

People who play together and eat together, stay together.........

Employee Engagement Leadership Converge presents a unique opportunity to stay well-informed and up to date on the trends, challenges and strategies in employee engagement and experience design, as well as enablement and empowerment, with the objective of effectively engaging the workforce.

Why Should You Attend?

Attend the conference to learn how employee connections can be established by tapping the hearts and minds of your workforce.

  • Hearts: Authentic and transparent leadership that supports and recognizes the workforce. Employees connect to a sense of purpose that resonate in their personal values.
  • Minds: Neuroscience shows us how to appease and comfort the brain in feeling safe with a sense of belonging.
  • Connections: Strategies and tools to help managers to authentically connect and support their teams.

Program Schedule

  • Registration, Coffee

    & Networking

  • Morning Session, Lunch

    & Networking

  • Afternoon Session, Coffee

    & Networking

  • Evening Session, Coffee

    & Awards

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Ashwin Pillai

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(+91) 998 719 7555

For Further Details

Neha Sawant

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